back on track

I want to take a moment to talk to you guys. This weekend holds a lot of feeling for me because I lost my brother on Good Friday years ago. That’s something that never leaves you. Memories of him flooded my mind & this has affected my game. I haven’t ridden to the best of my ability. So much so, that the Chief Stewart told me if I didn’t get up to speed I would be black flagged!! After a horrible qualifier, I stepped away, took a few minutes and thought “what would my brother say if he were here right now?” It’s simple, he’d say get my act together and Race! I walked back to that track and went from dead last to 15th, shaving 11 sec. off my time. This just goes to show that life isn’t always perfect, and our personal affects all parts of life but if you decide to take charge, NOTHING can stop you! Looking forward to doing even BETTER tomorrow.

Thank you so much,